Curly Hair Experts at Christo Fifth Avenue


Christo Fifth Avenue is a luxury hair salon specializing in curly hair, located just off of Fifth Avenue in New York City. I have hear great things about them from my friends with curly hair so I was excited when Iryna Martsynyuk, a hair stylist at Christo’s suggested she could give me a hair cut.

My hair is not super curly and not completely wavy but rather in between. After few bad experiences I am also very picky with who touches and especially cuts my hair. Iryna did a great job styling it during fashion week so I decided I can trust her.

Upon my arrival I was offered a beverage and was greeted by Christo’s team. Iryna discussed her suggestions and we decided to go for some layers. We cut the length giving a little angle in the front and then layerd with Christos diametrics technic specially created for curly hair to help enhance natural curl.

I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Christo himself but I was able to test out some Curlisto products. My favorite is  “8-minute Hair Repair” mask, deep conditioning treatment for all curl types. There is also Structura Lotion that defines curls and fights humidity without stiffness or frizz.

Thank you Christo Fifth Avenue and  Iryna Martsynyuk for a great haircut.



Tijana Ibrahimovic

Tijana is an entertainment journalist and television personality. Born in Serbia, Tijana moved to the United States as an international student. Upon graduating, she worked as a news anchor for the National Television Channel in Serbia. Since, she came back to New York City and has covered high end social events,red carpets, film premieres, and fashion shows. Some of her most noted interviews are with Oscar de la Renta, Joan Rivers, Kelsey Grammar, Bette Midler, Debra Messing, Ashanti and many more. She was a regular on Wetpaint’s show, The Tea.

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