Squelch It!


How many times did you enter a room, gym or a cab with an unpleasant odor? How many times did you sit next to someone who you thought needed a shower? Maybe you felt like you needed one but you are stuck in meetings whole day.

We have all been in these situations and there was hardly anything we could do about it. Now we can! For a city girl on the go, fresher days are ahead thanks to Squelch-compact, scentless and natural odor remover.


What is it and how it works?

Small, easy to carry around in case of “emergencies” spray bottle can fight all kinds of unpredictable odor problems. Whether unexpected guests showed up and your apartment needs to smell a little better or you are traveling through zones where people still smoke a lot just spray some Squelch!

It breaks down odors at the source of the smell. One thing that virtually all of these sources have in common is molecules containing carbon bonds. Breaking apart this carbon bond destroys the source of the odor and then eliminates the smell. This odor break technology eliminates odors at the source by breaking apart the molecules causing the odor, not just by covering them up with fragrances or perfumes like other products.

We recommend you try it because it works wonders. Watch the fun video.




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